1. Congratulations, really cool.
    If the picture is correct, it is only a pitty they are shipped in traditional jewelcases not the new DVD movie boxes (they don’t break so quickly and have a little bit more space for some textual information and pictures).

    But nonetheless, a great advantage.

  2. It’s a bit of a shame that it is 9.99 + shipping, seems that if you find a legit company to mass produce these the cost should be no more than $4, with costs to whoever is producing these being in the $2 range.

  3. I’m a bit surprised that it’s 3 different DVDs. Being able to ship a single DVD for all platforms would be very cool.

    Especially so for x86 and x86-64: Ubuntu I get today won’t be the Ubuntu I’ll want in 6 months. I wonder if it’s easy to upgrade their x86 Ubuntu to the x86-64 one.

  4. is the money being used directly to develop ubuntu?

  5. Indeed, I would very much like to see available on bol.com. It seems that bol.com uses a single vendor for it’s software collection, called MicroMedia:


    I’ve already sent an inquiry whether there’s any chance of adding these DVDs to their collection.

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