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Kick-Ass Kung-Fu Babe

“Kung-fu prepares you for thinking strategically rather than reacting. I’ve learned to be the master of the first stroke and to take control of any situation,” says Ms Waugh, who six months ago founded an open source consultancy business, Waugh Partners.

Plus: This is my 500th post, over six years and three locations. Yay!

  1. What style is that? I took kung-fu years ago aswell. The style was Wing Chun (aka ving tsun). It was a great experience while it lasted but since I stopped practicing things hasn’t been the same. Ms. Waugh is right, there is a sense of control when you’re practicing such an art.

    congrats on your 500 post.

  2. Damn picture, now “Everybody is Kungfu fighting” is stuck in my had ;)

    Congratulation with your 500th post.

  3. w00t for geek girls with swords!

    — a geek girl who is, sadly, sword-less :-)

  4. Here’s the real question: does Waugh Partners have a secret skill for defeating Microsoft?

  5. an interesting analogy for that article…

    As Kung Fu is a clone of Kalarippayattu which was brought to China by Dharma Bhodi, Linux is a clone of Minix, Xenix, Unix and Windows

    It just seems so logical when viewed that way

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