So, the Dapper Drake Beta is out, which marks the first real use of its formal name: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. The LTS distinguishes our Long Term Support releases from the fast-paced, action-packed, high-energy, six-month time-based releases (with an 18 month support period) we’ve seen so far.

But LTS is just begging for some alternative acronym action…

  • Luxury Theatre Seats
  • Leather Trumps Silk
  • Long Tall Sally
  • Lingering Table Sausage
  • Lunch Time Seminar
  • Leaning Toothpick Syndrome
  • Laser Tracking System (we have one of these on GNOME’s Orbital Laser Platform!)

Add your suggestions in the comments! :-)


  1. Leaning Toothpick Syndrome is the one I’m familiar with. LTS is also a railway running through Barking, where I used to live (it’s the London, Tilbury and Southend line).

  2. Certainly was a WTF! moment. “Ubuntu 6.06 Linux Terminal Server” ?? That was quick!

  3. Lunch This Saturday?
    Look! There’s Something!
    Lock The Store

    Or, to go with the obnoxious trend of self-referencing acronyms, LTS Transcends Specification

  4. Lullaby To viSta (and close bug #1 already, damnit)
    Love That Sh*..Software ;)
    Leather Tranny Softwareengineers

  5. Little Tastey Squirrels
    Leprechaun Toe Soup
    1337 Talking Skink

  6. Low Testosterone Syndrome
    Linus Torvalds Sucks (not really ;))
    Let’s Take Shrooms

  7. LTS: – Little That Sucks.

    Appropriate for this release Jeff :)

  8. LTS :

    Long Time Swindler
    Lazy Time Saver
    Love The Shits
    List Taking Squats
    Limey Talking Scott
    Low Trash System
    Lean Talkin Sonofabitch

  9. LTS immediately made me thought of “Linux Terminal Server” :)

  10. With this many rediculous comments surely the most appropriate is:



  11. Lower Technical School
    (until about 4 years ago when the name was changed to VMBO, this was a real Dutch acronym “Lagere Technische School”)

  12. But wait, there’s more:
    “Linux Takes Shape”
    “Lick The Screen”
    “Loads Thirty Services”
    “Life tastes sweet”
    “Lame Three-word Sentance”

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