What does LAMP stand for?

During my keynote at FOSDEM, I spoke a little bit about the network effects involved in the success of the LAMP stack. Just in case anyone in the crowd was unaware of the LAMP acronym, I spelt it out for them:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • Most of our cool scripting languages start with P
  • PostgreSQL

We all had a laugh, and then went out for beer. Mmm, Cherry Kriek.

  1. Most of our cool scripting languages start with P -> Python –> TurboGears. ;-)

  2. Hey, just want to congratulate you for this great talk, we just need more of them! I really enjoyed it.
    But as a not-native english speaker on some points i had problems to follow you. Maybe on your next talk you can remeber the non-native english people and speak a little bit slower.

  3. OK, dumb question…

    Are you saying that your audience already knew what LAMP stood for and therefore made a joke of it by alterring it…

    Or did you actually not know that it’s


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