Missing Cosmogotchi

So, the sabdfl doesn’t have a hackergotchi on Planet Ubuntu. This is a travesty, and we’re going to need the community’s might to fix it. Indeed, we should create a collection of sabdfl hackergotchis for every occasion. So, find a good shot of Mark – there are plenty around – make it into a sweet, sweet hackergotchi (like the ones in the Planet GNOME hackergotchi collection), and post your cosmogotchis in the comments of this post.

(This is the first time I’ve turned on comments for a post, so this is a bit of a trial run for whether I turn them on indefinitely…)


  1. Must be nice to be famous; you can get other people to make hackergotchis for you…

    (Says the guy who made a Paul Graham hackergotchi and a DHH hackergotchi yesterday.)

  2. I’m just here to heckle, not to contribute: I like Ploum’s ‘gotchi, two comments above.

  3. I really like cosmogotchi1b.png, although it reminds me always that i might not go to space in my lifetime with my current work :)

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