For some reason, I’ve had a bunch of interview requests recently. I was featured in a Builder AU series called “Aussie coders changing the world”, written by Simon Sharwood (who UbuntuDownUnder attendees will remember as one of our wonderfully fascist editors), which was altogether surreal because I’m not a coder! Lionel (ploum) Dricot grilled me with a tough interview for FOSDEM, which I’ll be attending for the first time this year. Damien mailed me a couple of weeks back to let me know that I’ll be giving the closing keynote. Eeek! No pressure! Finally, Lucas Rocha has kicked off a series of “Behind The Scenes” interviews with GNOME contributors in the latest edition of GNOME Journal. For some reason, he figured that I would be a good guinea pig.


Missing Cosmogotchi

So, the sabdfl doesn’t have a hackergotchi on Planet Ubuntu. This is a travesty, and we’re going to need the community’s might to fix it. Indeed, we should create a collection of sabdfl hackergotchis for every occasion. So, find a good shot of Mark – there are plenty around – make it into a sweet, sweet hackergotchi (like the ones in the Planet GNOME hackergotchi collection), and post your cosmogotchis in the comments of this post.

(This is the first time I’ve turned on comments for a post, so this is a bit of a trial run for whether I turn them on indefinitely…)

Not so different…

dobey: Aside from your ranty-pants bits about me personally, there’s nothing in your post that I disagree with. Much of it I strongly support. You and I may not get along, but there’s still a lot of shared values here.

Looking for GTK+ consulting work?

A local company (Sydney, Australia) is looking for a GTK+ consultant to help solve problems as they port an application (with some interestingly different toolkit demands) from Tk to GTK+ 2.x. You’ll need a solid understanding of GTK+ and C. Based near Sydney preferred, though interstate and international is entirely doable. Email me if you’re interested.