The Seven team is…

  • Lindsay Holmwood
  • Sara Kaan
  • Ben Leslie
  • Matthew Moor
  • Jeff Waugh
  • Pia Waugh
  • Jamie Wilkinson

Fear and Loathing in Dunedin

We were somewhere around Christchurch, at the edge of the island, when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like,

“I feel a bit light-headed. Maybe you should drive.”

Suddenly, there was a terrible roar all around us, and the sky was full of what looked like huge bats, all swooping and screetching and diving around the car… and a voice was screaming,

“Holy Jesus, what are these goddamned animals?”

“Did you say something?”

“Hmm? Never mind. It’s your turn to drive.”

No point mentioning these bats, I thought. The poor bastard’ll see them soon enough.


Is the Ubuntu Desktop Team cool or what?

In less than 36 hours the following happened: I reported a fairly simple to solve bug in gcalctool; received confirmation the the bug was confirmed; received confirmation that it was fixed; received updated package! Is this cool or what?

Of course, that’s just the expected day-to-day rocking. You can see all kinds of other rocking in last month’s Ubuntu Desktop News. Can’t wait for this month’s edition. Meanwhile, you can check out Matt Galvin’s sweet Flight 3 summary to see some of the cool things going on in Dapper. 2006

I’ve just finalised the schedule for 2006. It’s going to be a blast:

  • Welcome, Introductions and… – Jeff Waugh
  • More Than Code – Davyd Madeley
  • OpenSolaris and GNOME – Glynn Foster
  • GNOME-ifying Games – Callum McKenzie
  • GTK+ on Ice – Bernard Blackham
  • What’s New in 2.14 – Anand Kumria
  • Marketing GNOME – John Williams
  • The Brainstorm – bit of a Glynn & Jeff Show, a highly interactive surprise!

Picked up the t-shirts earlier today. Sexy and funny – huge thanks to Andy Fitzsimon for the design (which remains a surprise). The very limited print run will dry up quickly – pre-orders already count for half! – so grab yours at and for AUD$30.

See you there!


“Jeff Waugh speaking.”
“Uh, no.”

WTF! I just got kthxbye-d by Pia! Travesty. just keeps on rocking

From an email about the success of and Linux Australia…

For me, the credit is in the outcome, and that’s not a light and pithy thing to say just for the hell of it. The 2001 team aimed to create “the OLS of the southern hemisphere” as it was the most inspiring model at the time. In so many ways, I think has eclipsed that vision and become highly influential on a global level itself.

The fact that it has survived, thrived, been the catalyst for the recreation of Linux Australia, and continues to be one of the best FLOSS conferences in the world – one that many key FLOSS contributors would not miss! – ought to be credit enough for anyone who has contributed to or Linux Australia.

In five short years, we’ve transformed a distant, disconnected set of groups into a bigger, closer, more effective, coherent community. New friends and opportunities. A stronger voice. More eyes and ears on us and what we do. We can all take credit for that.

Welcome to 2006. Let’s rock even harder this year.

WordPress 2.0

Migrated to WordPress 2.0, running on my Linode. Imported all of my pyblosxom and advogato posts, taking a little trip down memory lane in the process. Lots of redirect and rewrite action. This should give a few Planets the irrits. :-)

Update: See below for the redirect rules I used, just in case they are useful for anyone else migrating from pyblosxom to WordPress.
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Back in the saddle?

I wonder if Havoc is limbering up to get back in the saddle as GNOME’s philosopher-elect? I sure hope so. While his written voice is strong and controversial enough to piss off a subset of his readers – the misguided, blinkered, technology-worshipping ones – in the flesh he’s softly spoken and very personable. If a little distracted.

But what I love most about Havoc is this: Even at his most brilliant, he gives you the impression that he’s mostly just shitting about. Thing is, Havoc’s shitting about is twenty steps ahead of yours… and armed to the teeth.