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Fear and Loathing in Dunedin

We were somewhere around Christchurch, at the edge of the island, when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like, “I feel a bit light-headed. Maybe you should drive.” Suddenly, there was a terrible roar all around … Continue reading

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Is the Ubuntu Desktop Team cool or what? In less than 36 hours the following happened: I reported a fairly simple to solve bug in gcalctool; received confirmation the the bug was confirmed; received confirmation that it was fixed; received … Continue reading

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Waugh Partners

Pipka got a special delivery yesterday – the first run of business cards for her new company, Waugh Partners (website coming soon). Rock on.

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I’ve just finalised the schedule for 2006. It’s going to be a blast: Welcome, Introductions and… – Jeff Waugh More Than Code – Davyd Madeley OpenSolaris and GNOME – Glynn Foster GNOME-ifying Games – Callum McKenzie GTK+ on Ice … Continue reading

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*ring* “Jeff Waugh speaking.” “Hi-have-my-business-cards-arrived-yet?” “Uh, no.” “Okay-thanks-bye!” *clunk* WTF! I just got kthxbye-d by Pia! Travesty.

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From an email about the success of and Linux Australia… For me, the credit is in the outcome, and that’s not a light and pithy thing to say just for the hell of it. The 2001 team aimed … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.0

Migrated to WordPress 2.0, running on my Linode. Imported all of my pyblosxom and advogato posts, taking a little trip down memory lane in the process. Lots of redirect and rewrite action. This should give a few Planets the irrits. … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle?

I wonder if Havoc is limbering up to get back in the saddle as GNOME’s philosopher-elect? I sure hope so. While his written voice is strong and controversial enough to piss off a subset of his readers – the misguided, … Continue reading

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