No Need for Bitterness

Dave, don’t be bitter and emotional. Linus’ view of GNOME is not irrelevant. It represents the perspective of a class of users who feel abandoned by us. Some of those users are what I’ve described in the past as ‘momentum users’ – people who go out and spread the love. They’re not getting the love from us, whether that’s because we haven’t properly communicated what we’re doing (and why), or that they have a genuine disagreement with our goals.

We shouldn’t ignore it just because it’s Linus and we shouldn’t be overwhelmed by it just because it’s Linus. I said the following during my talk at GUADEC this year: We need to take a long hard look at why this perception exists, and how we can go about fixing it, to regain our popularity among those kinds of momentum users.

Think of this minor hiccough as an opportunity to introduce more people to The Zen of GNOME.