Finally got hold of the wedding photos CD over the weekend – hard to believe it has nearly been five months! Try to find the shots where my face isn’t frozen in the same expression (no, the kissing ones don’t count).

This has been a challenging week. But we are a kickarse team.

As friends through highs and lows, we are honest with ourselves and each other.

As partners we are a team of two, grounded in trust and respect.

As lovers we cherish each other with passion, vitality and peace.

As warriors we stand side-by-side in dedicated pursuit of our dreams.

Friends, partners, lovers, warriors: To you, I commit my life.

Crisis Mode

This week has been a bit of a calamity. More calamity-splat than calamity-jane, though. Big badness and small badness. Highly unexpected big badness hit the Waugh household on Monday – hopefully something we can sort out very quickly, and it might even be a great thing terribly disguised. Today’s small badness involved the adrenalin-fueled slow-motion sensation of a large station wagon disregarding the personal space of the front left (passenger side) of the taxi I was sitting in. The fight-or-flight juice is always impressive though, even hours later. I am really hoping that next week will be less… interesting.


They try very hard to make the extremely hypocritical (“We’ll douse your fucking pyjamas in lighter fluid if you don’t stop violating our trademark!”) sound innocent (“By golly, won’t that be a wee bit confusing!”).

Hooray! Jaw-achingly insecure free stuff! Bend over, Linux desktop, it’s reaming time!

The Badger Badger Badger Tour!

Announcing… the Badger Badger Badger Tour! I will be travelling for a month and a half, criss-crossing the northern hemisphere, to bring the world of Ubuntu to your doorstep. Expect badgers, mushrooms, schnaaaaaakes, an awful lot of Ubuntu CDs, and a healthy dose of madcap hijinks. If you’d like to catch up, add your details to the Badger Badger Badger Tour wiki page, or mail me.

Where will I be?

So… What’s the surprise? Well, I’ve left a big gap open in my itinerary for you to fill in! It’s kinda like reality TV, but without the TV, and with a lot more airline food. Here’s how it works:

Would you like me to visit your local LUG or Ubuntu LoCo Team? If you live in a US city with a major airport, and can arrange a venue and audience on one of these dates, you have the chance to rearrange my itinerary in your favour! All you have to do is create a virtual petition of twenty supporters – the more creative the better! You could get twenty of your user group members to post their support on a mailing list thread… You could get twenty friends to blog about it… You could put up a photo of your LoCoTeam in a huge Ubuntu circle… Or you could come up with something even cooler!

  • Send entries to me
  • Submissions close September 30th. The first ones in will be the easiest to award – get in quick!
  • Please include a link to your virtual petition, along with your contact details (phone number, in particular)

Good luck, Ubunteros!

GNOME 2.12 Release Parties in Australia

Come along and celebrate the impending release of GNOME 2.12! Bask in the warm glow of more celebrations during the lead up to Software Freedom Day! Drink beer! Eat dinner! Enjoy the fresh new taste of GNOME 2.12!

  • Adelaide, Wednesday at the Belgian Beer Cafe
  • Perth, Thursday at Nedlands Park Hotel (Steve’s)
  • Sydney, Wednesday at the JSBH

In keeping with the topic of software freedom and spreading the love, I will be speaking about Software Freedom (Day) at Macquarie Uni next Wednesday (1pm in C5C.T2) – thanks to the Macquarie IT Society for inviting me along.