Paul Thurrott writes about Ubuntu and GNOME: “Ubuntu is based on the GNOME desktop environment, which happens to be my favorite. [...] The bundled applications are excellent and well chosen. [...] Now, couple those basic needs with the uncluttered simplicity of the Ubuntu Linux UI, and you’ve got a winner.” (Yes, that Paul Thurrott!)


The time for freescreensaver [1] is now!

[1] A non-existant but possibly extremely useful defined screensaver standard built around a more flexible code and maintainership fork of Xscreensaver.

Update: Amusing Eugenia moment in Jeremy Zawodny’s blog entry about this.

GNOME in Bulgaria

Wow, so that was quick! Yavor Doganov let me know all about and the GNOME lovers in Bulgaria!

You’ve blogged about today – let me explain you what it is. In the past 18 months the GNOME Bulgarian Translation Project was resurrected by our fearless leader Alexander Shopov (aka al_shopov), the website (GNOME in Bulgarian!) is the main portal of our translators’ community. Certainly, we’re not only translating but advocating GNU and GNOME everywhere possible :-)

We have just established a repository and a Bug Tracking System (based on Subversion + Trac) in order to track bugs in the translations and make it easy for the users to report; there is a Wiki, a blog, Jabber room, weekly meetings and many other things. In short: we are moving forward!

Media Art Center “InterSpace” is tightly involved in the translations and GNOME installations at numerous municipalities and non-profit organizations, the other participants are from FSA-BG (Alexander Shopov, Iassen Pramatarov, /me) and several others as well. I am currently tracking MIA translators, trying to attract them to the project and also started to translate the documentation. I am working as a shipbroker and ship operator in Varna and deploying GNOME on all workstations. We all believe in Free Software and i18n as one of its strongest advantages.

P.S. And, as you may see, we are now at 2nd place, only en_CA is above us :-D

Rock on!

Is a little GNOME community that we don’t know enough about? Please join marketing-list and let us know what you’re up to! The front page looks suspiciously like a team blog or aggregate – perhaps it should be linked on Planet GNOME? :-)

Goings on of Planet GNOME

Lots of things going on in Planet GNOME land recently.

Steve Garrity provided a very sexy update to Seth and Diana’s speech-balloon concept. It makes Planet GNOME a delight to read all over again. More tweaks on the way. Thanks, Steve!

I’ve revitalised the news page, which will end up moving to when it has achieved full rockingness. If you have an RSS feed of announcements and news about your GNOME-related project, let me know, and I will put it up! (GStreamer and GNOME Journal are commented out in the config because their feeds are broken, but we’ll sort those out soon.) Also planning to display the latest updates, tarball uploads and stuff like that (in sidebars or something).

If anyone would like to do some FACE HACKING, we’re missing hackergotchis of the following Planet GNOME members: kris mpesenti rodo dobey mariano danilo elijah mkestner tberman richb jpr acs alex martyn svu kuzman garnacho benm danw donscarletti kharish vivien jvic kikidonk gmorten notzed gekker

Update: gnrfan has sent hackergotchis for danilo and notzed. Thanks!

Finally, a “future of pgo” question. When it appeared that pgo was a roaring success, I suddenly had a lot of questions in my head about future maintainership, how it would be done, and what sort of policy there should be for additions and so on. Strong editorial control turned out to be popular and effective, but I’ve always wanted to “put it in CVS”, which is short for “figure out a sensible policy for open maintainership”. Simply putting it in CVS doesn’t solve the difficult part of the problem, you see.

So, I’ve come up with five suggestions. Please let me know what you think (via email), or if you have another suggestion. In no particular order, but numbered so we can refer to them by number… :-)

  1. Maintain pgo in CVS under strong editorial control, as if it were a normal code module with a tough-as-nails maintainer.
  2. Only Foundation members may be included on pgo.
  3. Only committers may be included on pgo.
  4. Allow any Foundation member to add any feed to pgo, with the permission of the author. This means a Foundation member can add feeds for people who are doing cool GNOME work but are not yet Foundation members themselves, and maintain his or her own feed information. (In practice, Foundation members without CVS access would have to ask someone to make the change.)
  5. Allow any committer to add any feed to pgo, with the permission of the author. Otherwise, as above.

behdad had a bloody good idea, so I set up a way to make it work, and then added some test data. But I could not stop adding test data. I am a bad person.