Ooh, just noticed that the GNOME splash screen contest has closed, and a winner announced. Rad!

Update: … and Nat has the image I was looking for. Compare and contrast, just like in art class. :-) Foolishly, I went looking for the DVD instead of using the digital dialtone. Somehow I thought it would be faster.

Had an idea for a little hack that would make the ubuntu-calendar backgrounds ten times cooler than they already are! If, say, gnome-settings-daemon monitored the currently selected image for changes, and forced an update, you’d get cool new background love whenever your ubuntu-calendar-* package is updated. Much nicer than doing it manually, or waiting until you start your next session (or, um, until Nautilus crashes). Unfortunately, no state is kept regarding the xml wallpaper definition chosen in the Desktop Background dialogue, so we can’t also update the colours or coverage style. Might be something to think about later.

Anyway, I’ve filed this in Ubuntu’s bugzilla, and it’s the kind of thing that upstream would most likely accept straight away (at least during the devel period of their release cycle).