Ubuntu Conference Rules and Guidelines

Here are some very important rules and guidelines for the Ubuntu Conference, based on our experiences at previous conferences and expert local knowledge.

  1. The morning group meeting starts at 09:00 sharp. Be punctual, or sneaky.
  2. Sangria is not a breakfast drink.
  3. Shoes are to be worn at all times, particularly around food.
  4. Powerbooks are untidy and will be cleaned away. Entirely.
  5. You do not need to be on first name terms with the barman.
  6. Drinking tequila will result in the mysterious appearance of a Tux, GNOME, Debian or Ubuntu tattoo. The choice is yours.
  7. There is a limit of 1 (one) egg per customer.
  8. When ordering food from cute waiters and waitresses, it is highly unlikely that you are actually looking for your trousers.
  9. Any card not found in a standard fifty-two card deck is a spare nine of diamonds.

Ubuntu CDs

If you haven’t got your Ubuntu CDs yet, here’s what they look like. The x86 version comes with an Install CD and a Live CD, so you can try it out first or show it off to your friends, without touching anything on your system. There are also single install CD slips for amd64 and powerpc. If you order a lot of CDs, you get a sassy little display pack. Rock!

Be careful with the powerpc CDs, they were put through a special sharpening process, designed to grind through the chains binding your friends to OS X. Adopt an OS X refugee today.