Tony brought this copycat marketing ploy to my attention: The co-creator of LinuXXX, Eric Hefner, said that the inspiration for the all-porn OS came from the Ubuntu Linux distribution. “When Ubuntu revealed their original cleavage-enhanced splash screen, I knew the world was ready for a Triple-X operating system.”

My answers to Fernando’s top ten GNOME questions:

  • Why Red Hat is not making any Java-GNOME application? Because they don’t have enough mad-crazy Brazilian Java love.
  • Why garnacho is not yet on p.g.o? Because he doesn’t blog and/or hassle me enough.
  • Why GNOME people are not forking gaim? Because we’re all secretly waiting for Gossip to use libgaim (or something else) and be a truly awesome GNOME IM client. By the way, did I mention how my ideal IM client would not have a buddy window at all? Well, it wouldn’t. I’d just use contact-lookup-applet and other presence avatars around my desktop and applications.
  • Why Microsoft has delayed so much Longhorn? Genital herpes.
  • Why all of us are not using Eclipse instead of Emacs or vi for developing GNOME? C’mon dude, Emacs is bad enough… Javur me harder!
  • Which one would be the killer UI Builder for GNOME, glade-3 or Gazpacho? What about Stetic? I think danw from Novell is working on this, but there’s no CVS module yet.
  • Why we are not coding in scheme as the original GNOME Annouce said? Because Miguel thought UNIX sucked more than LISP. Oops.
  • Whould gnome-keyring-manager be included on GNOME 2.10? Someone (*hint*) has to propose it first. How is the UI refactoring going?
  • Who will wear the pants at Stuttgard? Only Mister Andrew E. Sobala knows!
  • How many eastern eggs do we have in GNOME? I preferred the easy questions.