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New Versioning Scheme for GNOME

The release of GNOME 2.8 presents a challenge for the GNOME Project, as it places us squarely at the precipice of GNOME 3.0. There has been much discussion about what GNOME 3.0 would entail given GNOME’s commitment to API (source) and ABI (binary) compatibility throughout the 2.x series. For some time, it was thought that we would not be releasing GNOME 3.0 any time soon. We now know the answer to this ever-present question.

GNOME has always used the ‘Linux kernel versioning scheme’, which means that stable releases are given even minor numbers, while development releases are given odd minor numbers. This makes it very easy for users to distinguish which version they should install. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to call this the ‘Linux kernel versioning scheme’, because the Linux kernel maintainers have chosen to free themselves from any kind of enterprise-class release stability, and have thusly changed the semantics of their numbering scheme.

In light of this dangerous mishandling of Linux kernel release management, and the recent announcement that Sun’s venerable Solaris operating system would be released as Open Source software, the GNOME Versioning Subcommittee has decided that future releases will adopt the same versioning scheme as Sun’s forthcoming, open sourced, enterprise-class operating system.

So, in the same way that SunOS 2.9 is known as “Solaris 9″, the next release of GNOME will be known as “GNOME 10″. The implicit commitment in this major versioning scheme change is that the GNOME Project will honour perpetual API and ABI compatibility throughout the lifetime of GNOME.

Look forward to GNOME 10, in March 2005!

Yes, everyone, this is a joke.

A few people have asked about missing hackergotchi images on Planet GNOME, to see if they could help spread the hackergotchi love… We’re missing: kris, rodo, drake, dobey, mariano, danilo, uwog, ultrafunk, jimbob, calum, elijah, mkestner, tberman, herzi, richb, zaheer, walters, jpr.

Hackergotchis are 75px-ish, square-ish transparent PNG images, depicting a disembodied (but fully viewable) head with a polite, translucent drop shadow. There are some fun variations on this theme, for special occasions and/or people. ;-)

But you gotta collect ‘em all!

Much to write about, but have been terminally busy, as is probably evident by now. Micro-news: I got a new laptop and a new mobile phone. Both support Bluetooth, so I have been playing around with Edd’s gnome-bluetooth tools. They are totally sweet. The following images are not so sweet:

Oh, and I replaced one of these with one of these: