I’m getting ready to set off on another long-haul trip tomorrow. If you’re going to be in any of these places at the same time as me, and want to say “hi” or bug me about any of the projects I’m involved with, let me know (preferably by email – otherwise you may not catch me).

  • Portland for OSCON: 28th – 30th July… Come and see my talk! (s/reprise of/update to/ by the way…)
  • San Francisco for various not-necessarily-LinuxWorld things: 2nd – 6th August.
  • London/Oxford for a mammoth face-to-face company meeting: 9th – 20th August.

Newsworthy? What does it tell us that Red Hat’s inclusion of Evolution Exchange is regarded as news? “Red Hat, the top seller of the Linux operating system, has adopted an e-mail enhancement that its rival Novell recently released as open-source software.”

Massive shout out to Alan, who raised the idea of six month release cycles for Linux at the Kernel Summit: “Alan Cox had a different idea: given that there is not a great deal of stuff to merge into 2.7, perhaps the developers could actually do a six-month release cycle for a change?”

But some serious spankage for Andrew Morton, who “would like to see a 2.6 tree which continues to change and evolve, and let the distributors do the final stabilization work. In his vision of the future, the kernel.org kernel will be the most featureful and fastest kernel out there, but it will not necessarily be the most stable.”

Pipka‘s back at home after her third medical adventure for the year, and is doing fine. No more smack or intravenous antibiotics… Bummer. Thanks for all the hugs, well-wishes and flowers… Now we’re going to celebrate relative freedom, and the general wonderfulness of Mexican food at Yipiyiyo. BONG!

Pipka was admitted to hospital tonight with a pretty vicious kidney infection, and should only be there for a couple of days. They’re just hooking her up with some intravenous antibiotics (to kick the infection’s arse – unchecked, it may cause permanent damage), and a bit of smack to ease the pain. She was very suspicious about the morphine at first, and grilled the doctor a bit. Tenacious as ever.

Flowers always welcome at our place. ;-)