Added a hackergotchi for James Willcox, thanks to Joe and The Inimitable Luke Stroven… who doesn’t have a blog! WTF? But I guess he spends enough blog-time running FootNotes. :-)

There are a few blogs on Planet GNOME without the benefit of a humanising hacker head image, so if anyone has appropriate source material for one of these hackeurs, please let us know: Kjartan Maraas, Juri Pakaste, Johan Dahlin, Anders Carlsson, Marco Pesenti Gritti, Callum McKenzie, Curtis Hovey, Radek Doulik, Ronald Bultje, David Schleef, Benjamin Otte, Robert Love (will the real rml please stand up?), Eric Baudais and Sriram Ramkrishna.

And have an arse-kicking new year, all of you!

So, I decided to check on some missing hackergotchi heads, and found some lovely pictures of rml on the INTERWEB. Obviously he’s had a bit of a makeover since becoming a serious desktop hacker at Novell. None of that hippie, free-love kernel hacker business.

Time for a bit of mega-thanks. Thanks to Eric and Anders, hacking away at xserver’s hardware acceleration support; that’s going to be so sweet. Thanks to Ximian for hiring Robert Love, and letting him run free in the long grass of Linux and GNOME integration bliss. Thanks to Robert for being fully dressed while running through said grass, and making amazing progress already. Thanks to Alex Larsson for excellent maintainership and development of EIGHT crucial GNOME modules – he’s just spent the last day or so doing releases for 2.5.2, so he’s probably needing some encouragement right now. ;-) Thanks to Joe Marcus Clarke, GNOME’s FreeBSD guru, for keeping us Linux sellouts honest (how does that work? I don’t know, but it sounds good) by keeping GNOME + FreeBSD users happy with thick-and-fast stable and devel GNOME releases – wonder if he can get some D-BUS love into FreeBSD’s kernel? :-) Thanks to the organisers of GVADEC 2004, who are doing such a fine job. Can’t wait to see everyone again. That’s all for today. ;-)

From: Debian Installer <>

  to pool/main/l/ldapdiff/ldapdiff_0.9.2-1.diff.gz
  to pool/main/l/ldapdiff/ldapdiff_0.9.2-1.dsc
  to pool/main/l/ldapdiff/ldapdiff_0.9.2-1_i386.deb
  to pool/main/l/ldapdiff/ldapdiff_0.9.2.orig.tar.gz
Announcing to
Setting bugs to severity fixed: 221821

Thank you for your contribution to Debian.

Uneventful for many people, but this is my first. I had to wait through the whole security mess to see this, but… yay yay yay! Thanks to Ross for sponsoring it. :-)

Been having a wonderful headspace rest over the last week, attempting to avoid as much thought about work and GNOME as possible. It has been surprisingly invigorating to rest properly – shows that I don’t do a good job of this when it really matters. Yes, I admit it, part of this rest did involve playing computer games for the first time in years. Knights of the Old Republic is a really cool game. Very involving. Perhaps I should blog my crack theories on gaming some time…

But in the last few days I’ve been fidgeting a bit, so have continued with the web and release docs I’m writing, finally released El Prototypo, the massive GARNOME layout change (which seems to be holding up okay on garnome-list), writing about GUADEC and the Foundation, some interesting docs work, and been fixing bits and pieces here and there. Lots of time spent missing Pipka. Still have half a month apart. Pain.

Glynn is in town visiting relatives for Christmas, so met up the other night and wandered Sydney for beer and dinner. Talked shop. Lots of fascinating things happening in GNOMEland right now, ships moving on the map. It is fun watching (and sometimes commenting on) all of this without any commercial responsibility. Ah, freedom. ;-)

Found the CafePress shop, must get one of those in time for An SMH writer uses the word “spiv” in a review. Haw haw. Dave Winer whines about a US presidential campaign group publishing Open Source software, saying “they went after the little guy”. Jim Moore, the campaign’s Internet Director, responds. It surprises me that Dave scorns (and perhaps fears) FOSS so much, and yet insists that we can’t write user interfaces good enough for real users. I’m almost tempted to try and convince him that he’s underestimated us, but it smells like a waste of good arse-kicking time. Interesting discussion about Darwinism and GNOME over on John’s blog.

Been watching Anders and Eric Anholt’s xserver hacking with interest, as they’re spending a lot of time on rage128 (which I have in my iBook) and radeon (in my desktop) acceleration. I will have to get xserver going on my iBook now! Watching puzzle pieces falling into place, with such a wide scope, is one of the coolest things about working on Free Software. cf. Linux 2.6, freedesktop (Cairo, D-BUS, the new xserver stuff…), rml’s work on kernel->userspace events, and so on. Shipshifting!

LWN and tell me that Red Hat is acquiring Sistina. So, GFS may once again be Free, and we will have a choice of cluster file systems – awesome to see Lustre hit 1.0 in the last few weeks, too. Last week, Red Hat also announced a partnership (fancy that!) with Fujitsu. Lots of cool news. Good work, Red Hat dudes.

So, I have had a lot of respect for the KDE dudes for a long time. I have been incredibly happy that the core hackers in each camp have got along with cheerfulness, decorum and mutual respect – even while some overzealous members of our user communities have flamed and bickered, generating this idea of “The Desktop War”.

But this week, on the UserLinux mailing list, a bunch of real KDE hackers – not random gimps being idiots – have acted like children and dragged KDE’s good name through the mud. I’m very disappointed.

They’ve made a huge fuss, and I honestly can’t see why: UserLinux has simply chosen to ship and support GNOME. Lots of distributions make a conscious choice about this, whether the final call be GNOME or KDE (and the KDE guys have the examples to back that up). You don’t see the real GNOME hackers whining about these kinds of things, or flaming people for them. You need only look at the contrast between KDE’s reaction to Red Hat 8 and GNOME’s reaction to Sun’s Java Desktop System… If you’re remembering the sound of deafening silence, you’re remembering it right.

Very disappointed.

So, Pipka made it to China intact, and decided to up the ante on her intensive language course by participating in a multiple wisdom tooth extraction exercise at a local clinic. It started with wire-tension phone calls from her and her Mum, and ended with Pia casually announcing her health over the phone in an Elmer Fudd voice (being pumped with local anaesthetic).

All is well, however, and the trip continues as planned. Pia’s Dad seems to be the most chilled-out person in the family. I’m sure that has nothing to do with his work… in refrigeration and air conditioning. Ahem.

I bought a new world political map today. Poster-sized and laminated for whiteboard marker abuse. Ben ‘kicking rad’ Lisle was surprised when I was really going to Map World to get it: “Oh. Wow. So you’re serious about this world domination thing then?” Hell yeah. LET THERE BE FEET.

Martin and Tim comment on Joel Spolsky’s review of TAOUP. Always interesting to read reactions to Joel’s articles because they tend to be strong. Strongly for, against, or surprised (“Wow, I thought Joel was a smart guy!”). I’m usually slightly annoyed by him, and fear Nat and Miguel’s ideas of Joel doing a keynote at GUADEC. They seem to enjoy his writings a lot. It’s even worse now that he’s written this, because I can imagine him ranting at us about how UNIXised we are, and how we need to suckle on the MS kool-aid (not that we do that from time to time already). Oddly enough, I’ve found that a lot of people who are annoyed by Joel are also annoyed by ESR, for similar reasons. Well, maybe not the mad raving Libertarian gun stuff, but you know what I mean. Hard to feel sympathetic to either side in this article.