… Glynn, you’re a freakin’ nutball! The scary thing is, I’m at home with a fever, doing work-work, and sending emails faster than a speeding bullet all at the same time. Doing cool stuff makes me feel better… but I keep nodding off to sleep in between times. ;-)

We know exactly how he feels… “Here’s what happened: I go to their website and start complaining to them, ‘Would you please, please, please stop bothering me’,” he said. “It just sort of escalated … and I sort of lost my cool at that point.”

Today, a momentous occasion. As before, when workhorse GNOME software like Evolution and Galeon were finally usurped by their GTK+ 2.x versions, I have finally removed XMMS from my machine. Long time coming. Rhythmbox has taken its place as my primary music player, and I’m sure a large number of users will start making the shift, given the stability of the current release. It really rocks – try it out.

I got the perfect set of headphones for Björk. Sony MDR-V700’s. Totally awesome.

If travel is searching
And home, what’s been found
I’m not stopping

I’m going hunting
I’m the hunter
I’ll bring back the goods
But I don’t know when

I thought I could organise freedom
How Scandinavian of me

You sussed it out, didn’t you?

You could smell it
So you left me on my own
To complete the mission
Now I’m leaving it all behind

I’m going hunting
I’m the hunter

2004 according to Turps: “By October 2004, Microsoft will start an intensive campaign to promote their Longhorn technology as Linux standards compliant.” If that happens, the beer is on me, John. Perhaps there’s something in the wind about standardisation efforts I haven’t heard yet.

lazarus: ~
$ find /mnt/music/ -type f | wc -l

lazarus: ~ $ find /mnt/music/ -type f ! -iname "*.mp3" ! -iname "*.ogg" | wc -l 0

2279 songs, 9.0 days, 11.4GB

Rhythmbox 0.6.1 successfully loads almost my entire library, without errors (unfortunately, there was no indication why it missed 60 or so). Many thanks to Colin Walters and Bastien Nocera, who hacked on the mp3 metadata loading code. Now is the time on sprockets when we dance.