“The situation is made worse since there’s so little effective mentoring in the industry from old-salts who are good at making a religion of the K.I.S.S. principle and making fun of the wealth of bloated, crappy, yet slow-to-fail stall-ware projects that dominate so much of the landscape. If you ask me, explosive growth during the dot-com bubble really blunted the technology edges of the free software movment and our industry generally. It left us collectively struggling to do things the hard way, svn being just one small example.”

Arvind tells me that “waugh-waugh!” means “that was cool!” in Hindi. Sweet! I found another definition of this colloquial phrase on the Interweb:

Also written as wah-wah, an appreciative exclamation, sort of like wow, but without the uggestion of awe. Often used satirically.

Often used satirically. Hrm. ;-)

A bit of New South Wales local politics to brighten your day: “The Australian Hotels Association, its allies in the gaming industry, and of course the brewing companies which earn millions from selling their products to wife-beaters, drink-drivers and date rapists need fear nothing in a possible War on Mateship.”

Alex pointed out the Qt4 article on dot.kde.org. Interesting stuff, which sounds surprisingly familiar to anyone who’s worked with GTK+/GNOME: “Qt 4 will not be one library,

  • “Qt Kernel lib comprising tool, io, thread classes and QObject/QKernelApplication
  • “Qt GUI lib with QApplication, widgets, painter
  • “Other libs for network, XML, SQL, openGL and other purposes”

Some of the biggest competitive features include MVC widgets and a11y for Mac OS X and ATK. Smaller but interesting for various reasons: Pixmap resources, toolkit-wide double-buffering, performance and startup improvements.

However, “Qt 4 shall be available within a year, with a short public Beta period next year before the final release”. There’s no news yet about KDE’s plans for shifting to Qt4, and I guess they didn’t have a lot of info to hand before the conference either. Hopefully Havoc will come back with some more info.

Mmm, good-clean-fun competition in the Linux desktop space is alive and well! :-)

KDE in New Zealand: “Desktop Linux has made a small inroad into New Zealand business with the news that BGH Group is installing 67 Linux thin clients into offices around the country. [...] Some thin clients will be used as POS machines, Pope says. Others will run the KDE desktop software with the Evolution email and workgroup client, Mozilla browser and OpenOffice suite.”

Here’s some random crack done during build testing last week. Just grab the new image and replace gnome-main-menu.png in your $prefix/share/pixmaps/ directory. Looks okay on a transparent panel, too. Ah, the wholesome goodness of rectangular panel object support. Thanks Mark! I still use a single menu panel though. ;-)

So, all you pansy, mouth-breathing, “ooh, ooh, the aliens are so advanced” apologists can just shut your traps right here. There is a deep, abiding message in Goldblum’s viciously efficient attack on the alien invaders in ID4: Don’t fuck with diversity.

I am wonder Mike and I like to say hello,
To the black, to the white,
The red and the brown,
The purple and yellow.
But first I gotta bang-bang the boogie to the boogie,
Say up jump the boogie to the bang-bang boogie,
Let’s rock, you don’t stop,
Rock the riddle that will make your body rock.

John Carmack is a less-is-more kind of guy. Doesn’t this sound familiar? “To simplify a game, you have to not listen to your customers. They know your product and really know what they want to add to it… It’s always easy to convince someone that adding something is a good idea. Saying ‘less is more’ just doesn’t go over well.”