Anders won the GU4DEC hackfest with his elite .hidden file support in Nautilus, but there were lots of other cool entries. starfield is a vertical scrolling arcade game in which the object of the game is to blow up Evolution and Epiphany icons. Sweeeeet. Jonathan pointed out this wacky GTK+ hack which was unfortunately not submitted to the hackfest. I think I’ll add this to a GARNOME release and wait for the insanity. :-)

The interview I did for linmagau is up. Indy asked a lot of good questions. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to finish answering one of the really great ones. I might send the linmagau team my complete answer for next month’s edition. It covers one of my favourite subjects: Saying ‘thank you’.

My 2003 CD finally arrived this week, mostly because I moved house, so the package bounced back through Perth. It was addressed to Jeff Waugh, Association for the Removal of Pants. :-) Already looking forward to Adelaide in 2004… I’ll have to write a paper!

Had a great Foundation Board meeting yesterday, and feel a lot better about where we’re going. We had to cut out huge swathes of the agenda, but the things we did cover, we pretty much clinched. Lots of potential for the remainder of the year.

First day of GU4DEC! Paul set up, so hopefully there will be photo galleries and links to blogs and stuff on there soon. Glynn and I did the welcome talk earlier, which turned out pretty well. With the lights out, and all the Sun blue LED pens flashing, we had “all the stars of the universe of GNOME” present. Looked fucking cool from the front, hope someone got the shot. Forgot to make the “apologies for an inaccessible motivational exercise” joke.

I’ve been off the net a bit, as Glynn has donated his airport to the network room for the conference. There’s pretty good wireless in most of the lecture theatres, so I should be blogging regularly during the day from now on.

Home from dinner and beers with the gang. Johann arrived from Brazil, and is not too happy with the temperature. It’s great to see Kjartan and Calum again, and meet Mark (who claims I met him in Seville, but I must have been under the influence of cheap beer). Peter and Jose from Ximian arrived ahead of their co-workers, was good to see them again. Feeling a bit wiped out right now, so going to sleep. Hackfest tomorrow!

Anders arrived at Glynn’s place, and has already hacked up an intimidating entry for the pre-conference hackfest. An awesome feature that everyone wants. :-) Glynn says the network room is huge, with lots of cool hardware to play with. Anders and I are going to go down to Trinity in a while and force him to take a break. Kjartan is also here already, rock!