29 Oct 2002


Metric shitload of GNOME work conquered recently. Lots of running around to the various authors looking to get their software into the Desktop release, making sure they know what to expect, whether they’re ready or not, encouraging them to release and see what happens, etc. The 2.1.x series is shaping up very well, and within a few months, we ought to have a kickarse 2.2 release.

Flabbergasted by the amount of work being done in the last four days before the freeze. We’re down to about two now (give or take a few timezones), and there’s an amazing list of proposed modules and features. Rock!

Also announced the GNOME Power Tools, a new category for all of those geeky utilities and playthings that don’t quite fit into our broadly-targeted Desktop release. Massive response, lots of people suggesting their software, and plenty of nominations from users of cool tools. Great to see -> I’m including everything in GARNOME for now, will decide on a release schedule soon.

Much work on the new website, most of my time being spent on making the documentation really sweet. I’ve been reading a lot of GNOME docs as I’ve been preparing this, and have been very impressed with their quality. All the more reason to get them up on the web for everyone, and to make them really shine.

I’ll be standing for the Foundation Board elections again this year. Not convinced that I actually want to be on the Board though, given that my time is probably better spent working on the infrastructure and release stuff. I’ll mention this in my candidacy, so everyone else can decide. Hooray for shirking responsibility to the will of democracy!

i am in love

I found out she’s an angel
I don’t think she knows I know
I’m worried that something might happen to me
If anyone ever finds out

25 Oct 2002


Just give it up. The GNOME and KDE hackers have a healthy respect for each other which far outweighs your trolling in value for the Free Software community. Perhaps you should learn from your peers and contribute positively. The rest of us, hacking on both desktop environments, have no time, desire or need to troll.

I find those people, who are at most peripherally involved and manage to represent the rest of as flaming idiots, incredibly frustrating. You are discouraging user acceptance of both systems, so please, shut up and grow up.

The “desktop war” is a fiction, nothing more.

18 Oct 2002

The Ever Astounding Advogato Employment Status Update

With this post, I am now an Advogato cliché! Hooray for me! Ahem.

This whole "shifting from consulting to permanent employment" thing is both exciting and irritating all at once. I’ve done consulting either by myself or within a company for too long now, and would like an opportunity to work in a team, rather than having to be the crucial link or driving force. Much closer to how I work with GNOME, really – it’s so nice to be a part of a thriving team.

Yes, I’m on an upward swing. :-) I’ve had a fairly negative week or two all things considered, but it has finished well enough. Have an interview on Monday morning with a systems manager who uses… Evolution. Then I have acouple of good clients lined up to round out the day. So it can’t be all that bad, really.


Gearing up for 2.1.1 release. Looking like a nice incremental update to the development series, nothing especially interesting thus far. We’re also looking at doing a 2.0.3 release in early November, to keep the ongoing bug and accessibility fixes rolling out.

Oh, if you haven’t tried building Mozilla 1.2b with Xft2 support yet, run, don’t walk, to your nearest mirror and download the nightly source tarball. It’s very sexy, especially with unhinted, anti-aliased fonts. Can’t wait for Galeon 2 for yummy GNOME/Mozilla lovin’!

Love & Free Software

Dude, I’m gobsmacked every day by the behaviour of some (ab)users of Free Software. I’d say you’re providing insight into just about everyone who works on it! :-) I’ve explained it a couple of times to audiences and people involved in Free Software communities like this:

Arse: So, that’s a pretty shitty car you’ve got. Look at how dirty it is! What kind of fuckwit would drive a car like that? I bet you can’t even drive it. Can you? You can’t! You’re hopeless.
Dude: Um, ok.
Arse: So, can I borrow your keys?

In the end, after all of this raving and ranting, the person is still asking you to do something. Asking for a favour. Perhaps it’s the medium, I don’t know. But on a purely selfish level, if you want something, you do what it takes to get it, whether it’s politeness, dressing up, etc. You don’t shout and flame, simply because it’s ineffective and does not produce results. It amazes me that this concept is so hard to grasp, even for the kinds of selfish people who are so demanding and unkind.


It’s heartwarming to have someone to call when things go right. Even more so than the comfort of having someone to be miserable with when things go wrong.

16 Oct 2002

Silver lining…

… or this week’s most significant evidence pointing to the systematic cynical oppression of the metaverse?

So, today has been a nice little package of bad news… But at the tail end, a silver lining in the acceptance of my linux.conf.au abstract. Which is great, were I even remotely financially capable of actually going. “Oh, but there is this great new Regional Delegates Program sponsored by Sun”, you say! Which would be great, were I not the president of SLUG, and therefore unable to participate as both a selector and selectee.

Systematic cynical oppression it is, then.

14 Oct 2002


There is no good reason to throw away so many years work on X – it’s such a good platform. Your specific points are so close to being solved:

  • Too hard to configure: Work is being done to make XF86Config optional (required only for setups that are too difficult to detect, or old monitors).
  • Fonts suck: Whilst fonts are incredibly expensive and generally out of our reach for the time being, the infrastructure is getting a good rehaul with Xft2 and fontconfig. We’ve still have a fair few nice fonts available though.
  • Changing resolutions: Very close to doable with the RandR extension, a side-benefit of its main role.

DirectFB can’t and shouldn’t compete with X on the desktop. It’s a great embedded solution for specific purposes (X is also a great embedded solution), but leaving X for it would be like carving off the top of your head because it gets in the way of doorframes.

Additionally, users don’t have to deal with text files and driver names in modern distributions. See Red Hat 8.0 for sane user-admin tools. Very sweet.

05 Oct 2002

gman & jaq

88MPH: The speed at which Doc’s Delorean – equipped with a 1.2 gigawatt-sapping plutionium-powered flux capacitor – disappears in temporal displacement, leaving nothing behind but a pair of flaming tyre tracks.

With the 2.1.x unstable development branch, GNOME has gone Back to the Future