03 Aug 2002

Dave Winer writes…

Is it me or is it weird that so many open source purists, people who swear by it, argue it to death, and would die for it, seem to like Apple, which isn’t open source? Maybe I’m missing something.

Because it’s great technology! Do you perceive these ‘open source purists’ as having no appreciation for excellent work, regardless of its license? That’s a pretty long straw.

BTW, imho, “open source” is a vestige of dotcom mania. Sure, you can do anything with free money, but that’s over, for good (fingers crossed) so let’s get real, okay? Thanks. One more thing, open source zealots, like all zealots, checked their minds at the door when they joined the party. They’re anti-intellectual, can’t handle disagreement, are about anything but freedom.

I’m really sorry the zealots have got up your nose – not everyone who works in Free Software / Open Source is like that at all. We love what we do, and we’re really happy when our work is enjoyed by others. Much like other creators, software or not.

In the late 90s open source defined a club that excluded many well-intentioned hard-working developers. Now it no longer has the power to do that, because the hype is over, and the money that was funding it is gone.

Yeah, this is cool. The hype is over, so now we can get back to doing what we always have – writing great software – without all the frenzy and distractions. Sure, it was an interesting time, and a lot of great work was accomplished, but it really did confuse a lot of people. The Free Software community seems a lot happier now.