31 May 2002


She is coarse, and beautiful. Stubborn, and mighty. Electricity, and water. The scruff of a precocious four year old, and a perfectly spooned scoop of ice cream.

15 May 2002


How long will it take you to realise that you’re criticising the productive members of the Free Software community whilst doing nothing yourself? You see no irony in your attacks on the people who actually do the work? Especially in such stark contrast to your own achievements (and lack thereof)?

If you actually want to help Free Software, get off your arse and do something.

14 May 2002


Putting together Beta 5 at the moment. A fair few tarballs were updated, should be a pretty good release. Everyone’s getting antsy about the UI and string freeze, but the release team is holding firm. It’s a bummer that the freeze will be working against gman‘s review team, but those changes will most likely have to wait until 2.0.x. No kidding, there will actually be a number of full G2D 2.0.x releases. Sweet.


jaq: POP!


Self-reflection is quite different when you are not your only mirror.

12 May 2002


jfleck‘s assessment of gman is spot on. Now he’s running about making absolutely sure that everyone knows how many 2.0.0 bugs we have left to squash. He’s such a champion.

We have Beta 5 coming up this week, which coincides with the UI and string freezes. Which roughly means that the release team has to get militant on anyone’s arse who tries to check in features or changes that will affect the fast-depleting bug count, or the documentation and i18n teams. A friend said last week that, “If QA and BTS managers are called Bug Bitches, does that make the CVS watching person the CVS C*nt?”

That’s what we’re here for. :-)


Did I mention that we have the best committee ever this year? Everyone is super keen and getting on with things. Sweet! Had a wonderful committee meeting at Tony’s (now unfortunately previous) apartment, with a view of the city and a lot of good wine. The delivery pizza sufficed. ;-) We’ll be changing our meeting format a bit, which will be great once it gets going.


After a long period of rabid singleness, I’m relearning how hopeless women are with their underwear. It’s grown out of the discipline of bringing a second pair, however. Men don’t tend to leave underwear lying about (well, at least in other people’s homes) because they usually lack the forethought to take two pairs.

Otherwise, unexpectedly elated.

I expected my exit from selfish freedom would be like a well planned, exactingly engineered, high-speed car crash, but it’s been more like a casual Sunday morning bike ride in fresh, country air.

Everyone say, “Aaaahhh.”