26 Mar 2002


Hi, my script was just a quick vim-launching advogato-submitting thing, not a vim-integrated one (though that would be quite sweet). I’ve now swapped to cmiller‘s advodiary script, as it’s what my little work could have turned into had I kept going with it. But nay! Reuse the code! None of this NIH crap!


Had first new committee meeting last night. A good crew of very keen beans. Most excellent. Walked across the Harbour Bridge to Milsons Point station in the light, but windy rain at hypatia‘s suggestion. Noice. Very noice.

python musings

hypatia, does that mean that in about three years, everyone will be toking on the Ruby pipe? SWEET!

25 Mar 2002


Now that adding an advogato entry is as simple as typing ‘advo<tab><enter>’, I’ll probably make more regular contributions to this particular form of entropy. Thanks to raph and gary.


It was a good time to move into the Spankyhouse. Everyone else is down in Melbourne, so I’m kind of without close friends. Having the spankies around has been good, certainly better than keeping to my only-self (even if I’ve already ‘made passes’ at Mary and Andrew’s sisters, depending on your perspective or relative inebrity).

Wine, Cheese and Poetry was good, although a bit less bold and lively than the ones I’m used to. I think there was a bit of group dissonance though; not everyone was familiar with everyone else, and it seems there’s some undercurrent between those that did. I pulled out an old DAAS favourite and some Ani Difranco, and read Jamie’s John Donne.

I also read out of a little front-of-shop Love book that Silke gave me way back when, after having a short fossick through my special box. I should have avoided the special box; there’s always a little Pandora in there waiting to get out. This time it was photos of me with Louisa. Odd. Melanie and Silke – who were invited – did not turn up.

Mary read the humorous diary of the day out in the style of a pirate (not necessarily a pirate’s voice). “Haw haw.”


I’ve been listening to No Doubt, which is more surprising to me than it should be to you, dear reader. Specifically, “Spiderwebs” (Louisa in France), “End It On This” and “Come On Eileen”. Not my usual fare.


Disappointed to see Amelie not receive an Academy Award. Drank quite a bit of wine whilst watching the ceremony. Nice having my favourite white as an unexpected leftover (I thought I was disappointed that someone had drunk it, but no one had!) from Swine, Sheets and Buggery.

23 Mar 2002


After two years on the committee, Conrad, Anand and Gus have stepped down, and we have some even fresher fresh meat on the team. jaq, hypatia and thaytan are the Advogatoing SLUGgers elected to various positions. I’m the new president, with Conrad’s very well respected shoes to fill.

An excellent bunch of people, we will hopefully kick a lot of arse for SLUG this year.


Created a project for GNOME and GARNOME – why on earth wasn’t there one for GNOME before now? Very odd. Anyway, sign yourself up if you’re a GNOME dude.

Uneventful release team meeting on Friday. The next will probably be a little more exciting, given the Beta 3 release this week. G2D is looking awesome, we just have this whole “on schedule” thing to worry about now…

21 Mar 2002


This is when everyone starts submitting random crap via XML-RPC. My
crap is from a little vim-running python script that will probably encourage me
to make diary entries more often.

15 Mar 2002

The Trip

After some crazy hassles today, I’ve paid, have my confirmation, and can pick up my tickets at Chatswood (where I happen to be moving house) next week. The travel agent was a gem, and I’ve promised to send a postcard for all her help. She was quite amused by my email address (@perkypants.org) and the fax she got from the director of the “GNOME Foundation”.

I’m going to make a little virtual scrapbook on my website with pictures and bits from the trip. Perhaps that will start a journal proper, so I can compete with Spanky Mary‘s famous diary.

Moving, Insanity, Work

Sunday morning, 6am. This month is, by all accounts, completely and utterly insane. I’m also doing some uberfunky stuff at work, which should work out very nicely over the next few months. Here’s hoping.


Going to GUADEC? Lampadas looks interesting, and quite similar to a commercial project I worked on a while back (a failed attempt with a not-so-brilliant technology incubator, but I wrote some cool stuff). Plus, I’m doing some similarish kinds of things for the new GNOME website, so we should hook up. I’ll email you after GUADEC otherwise.

12 Mar 2002


I still don’t know if I’ll be going to Spain,
but if I do, here is my itinerary:

  1. Sydney (7:05am) to Brisbane (8:30am), Monday 1st April

  2. Brisbane (12:00 noon) to Hong Kong (6:50pm), Monday 1st

  3. Hong Kong (11:45pm) to London (5:45am), Tuesday 2nd

  4. London (9:50am) to Madrid (1:20pm), Tuesday 2nd April

Then I’ll be catching a train to Seville. I’m going back
via Madrid and London. [ Next year's GUADEC
organisers might want to get all of this stuff sorted long
before flights start getting booked out. ]

I’ve never been to Europe before, so this is all very
exciting… And I even get to do a keynote speech! Rock!