10 Feb 2002


Busy with G2D release stuff. Amazingly, it’s
all coming together, and we have the coolest people working
on GNOME at the moment. This week will probably be the
scariest of all, being beta release week.

I can’t help thinking that despite the
disappointment some have had in our goals for this release
(“port to the new platform”), we’re still scaling huge
heights in a relatively short timeframe. Kinda like serving
a banquet whilst someone is doing the tablecloth trick under
you… It’s been a very challenging process.

But it has to be finished. We have GUADEC to
attend to after this. :-)

… and I have two talks to prepare for it, but
am not even sure if I’ll be going or not. Might have to work
out some crazy gnomemeeting telecommute. ;-)

Life & Work

I’ve had conjunctivitis, so everything on the
life and work front has been pretty shitty. The best and
worst thing about working in a small company is that you’re
needed 100% of the time. It totally sucks when you can’t
pull through.

So I’ve been doing low-hanging-fruit sysadmin
things, and cleaning up after various emergencies large and
small. Various interesting projects going on

My Dad’s divorce proceedings with my step-mother
have been going on all this time – I haven’t spoken to him
in months. His solicitor got in touch this week, and now I
get to provide evidence in the most fucked up family law
spectacle; even the solicitor and his helpers are amazed at
the behaviour of my step-mother (*and* her crazy

Thank Christ they never had children.

Finally got a return email from an old friend,
probably making contact some time this week. Oddly enough,
it might end up being Valentine’s Day. Weird.