15 Dec 2001

everyone’s excited and confused

Introduced to They Might Be Giants by going to their concert in Sydney. I’ve known (and loved) some of their songs from radio play, but never thoroughly got into them. Thanks to Andrew and Jaq, I’m suitably re-educated… I still love New York City.


GNOME is exciting and confusing at the moment. :-) But very satisfying. We put out the developer platform beta today, so I hope that results in a lot of porting action and attention on the libraries – bug reports are already coming in. This is a good thing! :-)

The desktop side of things is looking cool; there’s a bunch of new stuff in amongst the porting. Mostly incremental changes on top of the new platform, but some areas will be quite different. gnomecc will be simpler and usable from both Nautilus and the new 1.5 shell design. The panel and its core applets (tasklist, deskguide) are greatly improved. Great to see a lot of usability issues being resolved.

We have the most brilliant hackers, even if it’s hard to wrestle information out of them sometimes. ;-)

Time to start porting your GTK+ and GNOME applications!

mjs has been very busy outside GNOME, and has handed his release team leadership responsibilities on to me. This is scary, because Maciej has the most experience with GNOME releases of anyone on the release team. I was hoping to learn a lot more from him, perhaps to take on one of the smaller releases post-2.0. Not to be. ;-)

This is a great deep-end to be thrown into however, even though it feels a bit like the linux.conf.au experience, when we spent most of the time feeling our way through the process. Hopefully we’ll come out with as incredible a result as linux.conf.au, and the experience will be worth it for involvement in future releases.