27 Nov 2001

GNOME Foundation

The GNOME Foundation has another kickarse board this year:

Havoc, Miguel, DV, Jim Gettys, Jody, Nat, jrb, telsa, federico, jamesh, and _v_

Congratulations all! You rock!

17 Nov 2001

groove thing

So, yesterday I woke up with a dreadful hangover. Four times. On each occasion, my second thought after “Uuuugggghhh…” was, “Buggerit! Why didn’t I get her phone number?” I even thoroughly checked myself for phone-number-on-flesh-marks before having a shower. No such luck.


The waking dead of hangover seems to be good for getting GNOME stuff done, however, so I think I have a better understanding of George’s perspective on things. “Better”, as opposed to “full”. Unless you were George, having George’s perspective would be a serious health danger.

The release team meetings are Saturdays, 0400 Sydney time, which is a bit less of a challenge than 0300 before daylight saving. Or so I thought. I left the party at 0300, and went into the city to find a cybercafe and calling card. I then spent an hour and a half on the phone, trying to save the rest of the gang from the noise on my end… Squealing kids playing Random First Person Shooting Game. Worked OK though, and thankfully telsa helped out with the minutes.

Foundation elections are looking interesting. Much fanfare from the gutter press about RMS’s candidacy, which I guess should be expected. It’s not as hard to choose who to vote for as last year, but I don’t think that makes my election any more likely… ;-) I didn’t realise the short summary was for “who I am” stuff, as opposed to “what will I do on the board” stuff, so please read my long email if you’re considering me.

Web work has been a bit quiet. Well, I think it’s more that web cooperation has been quiet. I’ve been doing a lot of work (think a sea of crunched up paper) on the information architecture, and designing the publishing and news systems… I should really just concentrate on the publishing stuff for the moment. We still have the target of on or before the release of GNOME 2.0, and there’s lots to do. I’ll have to reinvigorate the team again soon.

I’m making a perky little app to manage our release engineering stuff, to reduce the work we do to manage who’s releasing what, and where they’re at. For the mean time, I’ve just made a little perl script that turns our summary into html. Now I have to get all the TODO stuff together.


People keep trying to convince me to write a book. Fuckers.