16 Feb 2001

XFire: I actually imported it (with the help of Tick) from crackmonkey. Of course, SLUGgers provided much better code than the old farts on the crackmonkey list.

Wait, where am I? Oh, ADvogato. Oops.

14 Feb 2001


<chrisime> hey pant kickers!
<jdub> lol
<jdub> hey chrisime
<chrisime> heh
<chrisime> i think it's time for a nice duel
* Gman kicks chrisime in the pants
<Gman> ;)
<chrisime> ouch
<chrisime> Gman: you too?
<Gman> while you weren't looking ;P
* jamesh kicks Gman in the pants
<chrisime> Please welcome our new gnome pant kicker
<jdub> quartet.
<chrisime> oh yeah
<chrisime> i forgot ;)
* Gman kicks jamesh in the pants
* Gman kicks jdub in the pants
* Gman kicks chrisime in the pants
* Gman kicks thom in the pants
<norpan> weee
* thom kicks gman in the pants
* Gman wonders how that was ever possible :/
* jamesh kicks thom in the pants
* jamesh kicks chrisime in the pants
* chrisime kicks all kickers in the pants
* jamesh kicks jdub in the pants
<baulig> la la la
* Gman figures he was probably watching too much of
'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon'
* thom does some acrobatics and kicks jamesh and jdub in
the pants simultaneously
* chrisime gets his rocket launcher
<baulig> Peace, guys !
* mtearle changes into a pair of shorts
* jdub must confess, he still believes.
* chrisime fires
* jamesh bounces off some bamboo and kicks thom in the
* baulig gmake installs libgtop on OpenBSD
<jdub> KICK me in the PANTS one MORE TIME!
<tcurtis> um... Why is everybody kicking everybody
* Gman winds his rotating foot and kicks jdub in the
<tcurtis> I think I missed something here. :)
<chrisime> *rofl*
* jdub kicks tcurtis in the pants.
<jdub> That's for getting in my way! ;)
<tcurtis> HEY! YOU! WHY?
* thom does a scissor kick and kicks gman and chrisime in
the pants
* chrisime kicks jdub in the butt
<jdub> FOUL!
<tcurtis> this a virtual bar fight!
* tcurtis shakes his head
* baulig compiles OpenSSL on Solaris
* chrisime kicks thom for being so stupid
<jdub> No butt-kicking -> that's Ximian's business
* jamesh kicks tcurtis in the pants
* thom kicks tcurtis in the pants
<jdub> Pants kicking is the #gnome way.
<tcurtis> what the hell?
* chrisime kicks jdub again
<jdub> tcurtis: Are you one with the trousers?
<tcurtis> so "everyone's doing it". right? ;)
<tcurtis> tcurtis: no, I'm the one with the pants.
* Gman can't get the blasted sequence to do the bonus
somersault pant kicking backflip on thom

Then we went back to bug-reporting.

10 Feb 2001

Not Happy, Jan

I’m very disheartened to find out that, amidst today’s layoffs, Zack Brown is no longer employed at Linuxcare. Zack is the author of Kernel Traffic, an excellent resource for those of us who can’t quite keep up with lkml. (Either technically, or due to bandwidth!)

Kernel Traffic – and the Kernel Cousins – are a lot of work to maintain and author – I know this, having published a series for my user group’s mailing list (and hope to continue doing these soon). It would be terribly sad to see them go.

Save Zack! (Apologies to Ferris.)

Australians in the crowd will understand the title.

02 Feb 2001

Relative Wisdom

I kinda know why this made me laugh: In a day and age where people are without direction and have no idea what they are here for, it’s nice to be able to sit back and blow crap up.


linux.conf.au seems to have been a roaring success. Many of the attendees and speakers have said really good things about it, and subsequently, I’ve been grinning from ear to ear ever since. I still can’t believe we actually pulled it off, and it’s lucky we weren’t thinking that way before the event.

I was meant to be writing a diary of the conference, but I never got back to the diary after the first entry. See, the first entry was the description of our last organisers meeting, and after that, everything turned triangular. People started flying in. And going out every night. And drinking too much. And… Well, one thing I learned is that whilst you can have parties and things for people to do each night, remember that as an organiser, you’re there from start to finish. Every day. Fuck it was fun, but I felt like I’d been turned inside out by the end of the week.

Sadly, we had to return to the real world after the conference was over, most of us having pledged obedience and slavery to our employers. We had dinner the other night, aiming to write down what we had learned, organise some of the finishing touches (CD 2.0, website archival, etc), and decide on what to do next year… Everyone has ben asking – gotta feel good about that.

Unfortunately, Conrad is over in New York for that Linux Shopping Mall Extravaganza, so couldn’t be there. Fortunately, we all drank way too much wine, beer and spirits – Ankh gave us the most incredible ice wine and whiskey – and didn’t discuss any of what we had been meaning to. I guess we’ll do it when Conrad returns from his globetrotting geek adventure.

Everything else is blurring past, so I have to grab onto one of life’s handles soon and slow it down. There are a ton of things to be done.