29 Dec 2000


I’m the kind of person who would consider not getting power steering on a car so as to improve upper body strength.

Those of you who know me will know that I’m as opposed to the use of cars as I am to being macho.

Holistics Uber Alles

29 Dec 2000

Keep Up The Morale, Boys

Was in a funny mood this morning, and watched a conversation about Helix Code jobs scroll by on IRC. “We’re only hackers, just email jobs@helixcode.com for God’s sake” would be a good enough summary, if not a little blunt. So, although I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing at the moment, I decided to apply for a job. In my own little way.

That Conference

I’ve been sidelined a bit, mostly due to rampant busyness (yes, that’s a “y”), but also due to a bit of a personality clash with one of the other organisers. I used to go in and try to deal with stuff like this, but these days I practice a lot of conflict avoidance. Better to leave the person to their vices and get on with other things.

Otherwise, linux.conf.au is going to rock very, very hard. Sadly tigert can’t come, which means he won’t be able to do the GIMP tutorials. Total bummer, but he’ll be working on Helix stuff for LWE, so I guess that’s as good an excuse as any. ;-) Whee… It’s going to be fun.

Currently writing the Survival Guide. Here’s hoping it keeps everyone alive whilst they’re in Sydney.


Uninspired to write much more, I’m a bit lacking in motivation and ‘pep’ at the moment. I should eat more. I’d wear a jumper when going out, but it’s already hot enough here to kill a man wearing socks that are slightly too thick. When Socks Kill: Why Natural Fibre Saves Lives.

Nothing is coming out the right way either. Very unfair.


apgarcia: Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones? Dude – it was The Doors! :-D

03 Dec 2000

Goodness gracious… It seems we have a social aaronl to go with our programming aaronl.

Thanks for your highly informed and inclusive views, deekayen.

No official news, but if you click on this link, you can see a preview of the linux.conf.au schedule. I’m frothing at the mouth in anticipation, and I generally have good control over my salivary glands.

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