20 Nov 2000

Classic depressed Advogato entries of all time

Eventful few weeks since my last proper post. Good and bad, but mostly the latter. Close friend diagnosed with prostate cancer, age 23. “Full of life” so they say. He’s one of my group of friends that are still getting over the death of our best friend (and my girlfriend) Clara, which is already four years ago. It feels much more recent.

On the same day we found out about that, two of the others in the group (sorry about the no names, but…) were going to announce their engagement. Wonderful fairy story of hating each other at first, and then falling blissfully in love. They are beautiful together, but this has been an awkward time.

I’ve been disturbingly male about all of this, trying to drown myself in work, and avoiding the topic entirely. I’ve changed so much. And not for the better, I don’t think.

Bumped into an ex-girlfriend, and got a very cold shoulder. Yes, it was me who did the leaving that time, and I feel horrible. Reflected on the comments of another ex that my way of selflessness ends up coming across like selfishness. I suck.

Very sensitive at the moment. Too much else to summarise. Less depressing thing: New job, starting with a two month contract, looks like I’ll be doing some Good Things.


It’s getting to that time when the casual, haphazard ways of doing things at the beginning of a project put pressure on the final run. Everyone’s getting a bit tetchy, but I’m pretty sure that most of us can handle it… I’m just a keen bean to make this kick butt, and we’ve done the work to make that happen already. Now it’s details, important ones.

We put up the list of accepted papers, etc. You can find it here. There’s lots of really, really great people coming – just about all of whom I can thank for making my computer do what it does! :-) We’re accepting “offline” registrations now too – banks suck, and we have to wait.

Good things happening from here on in.

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15 Nov 2000

No time for a proper diary entry again – way too much crap going on. Thankfully, forces have aligned themselves to bring forth a more relaxed, less frantic pace to my life in the fast-approaching future. Sights set square on various Free Software things I’ve been meaning to do…

Meanwhile, I wanted to respond to talk of a project that interests me.


I took the liberty of emailing Jason McIntosh to tell him about bibref.org, Raph’s planned bibliography website based on a variant of mod_virgule (to allow localised trust networks).

A project such as this really, really needs to be implemented. Widely available bibliographic information is almost monopolised – at least as a shared monopoly. I’m a little suspicious of the IMDB style of publication though – I’d prefer to see easy-to-access machine readable information as well as a decent frontend.

Coordinate on the bibref list, or…?

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05 Nov 2000

My statistics for this week:

  • 2 friends in previously happy relationships break up
  • 8, two litre bottles of caffeinated soft drink consumed in the name of code
  • 4 plans for websites and other software written down and subsequently left on train
  • 2 new project commitments
  • 4 job interviews arranged over the coming weeks
  • 1 job interview culminating in an ambulance ride
  • 7 stitches to back of head
  • 3 days feeling slightly incoherent
  • 1 linux conference still needing some organisational massage
  • 1 dissatisfied committee member considering bailing out
  • 3 mountains left to scale
  • 2 committee members inspired by challenge
  • 3 emails from amazing people who you don’t get emails from every day
  • 2 conversations rationalising “fan-like behaviour” upon receiving said emails
  • 1 troublemaker promptly quietened when realising how much these people have affected our lives
  • 57,000,000 other things I don’t have time to document here ;-)

[ Mmm... Radiohead. ]