30 Oct 2000

badger: Go for it. Ask yourself why you write Free Software. Quite number of times I’ve mentioned libcurl in passing to developers who could have used it… but can’t.

I’m not sure what your reasons for disliking the GPL are, and I’m not one to bitch and moan about developer’s personal licensing choices (definitely the reason why you haven’t heard from me until your comments here)… But have a look at the changes around you. Trolltech, Mozilla…

Change the licence and make lots of noise about it. I’m sure libcurl will turn up in some exciting places if you do.

16 Oct 2000

Barcodes are Fun

Schoen: Aye. Barcodes are indeed fun. I’ve worked for bookshops in the past (and now do geeky stuff for them), both wholesale and retail, and managed to score myself a real barcode scanner in the process – barcodes from three feet, etc. These bookshops spent a packet getting microfiche, and then CD-ROM subscriptions.

The CD-ROMs were useful only with the software provided, and applications developers interested in interfacing with the data could only do so by either paying disgusting licence fees and displaying a logo, or by capturing and parsing the data from a print-to-file function. Sent me bananas.

I’ve been concocting Free Software ideas for these bookshops, but bibliography has always been too big a project for one man. A while back I spoke with Raph after finding out about his bibref.org idea.

Sadly, Raph is both Full of Ideas… and a Very Busy Man. I offered my help at the time, and that offer still stands: It would satisfy me greatly to see this sort of information liberated, and opened for wider use and contribution.

On Topic

NetHunter is constantly poking me for my new icon designs for <project>GnomeICU</project>, I might put up candidacy for the <project>Gnome</project> Foundation (I don’t know if energy, idealism, and a fanatical devotion to the pope^W^WFree Software is enough), linux.conf.au is going to rock (come on January), I guess Raph hasn’t put in my Advogato project tag patch yet ;D, I’m doofing my head against the wall doing the Sawfish capplet docs (man what a sucker I am…), and to boot, I just shaved my head.

Seeing my ex-girlfriend again.

/me walks into a glass door.

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