27 May 2000


Guns. I actually had a discussion about this with my Dad last week, and we both decided that being brought up in a safe and warm society caused us no amount of trouble understanding ‘gun nuts’.

Australia is very, very peaceful. We have had a couple of scary incidents, but predominantly, guns are not a part of daily life. The idea of owning a gun seems totally surreal to me – if someone takes my parking spot, what am I going to do? Pull out my semi? If I’m threatened in the street, what am I going to do? Pull out my hand-cannon?

“well regulated militia” – doesn’t that make sense?

I too think that the arguments over gun ownership have more to do with a lack of trust for government than having a lethal weapon (designed for one, and only one purpose – and that is to kill) in your handbag.

Personally, I think most Libertarians should take a large dose of social responsibility and do something proactive about their government. You going to bitch about it without voting? You get the government you deserve (or alternatively, you get a weak-as-piss government who grants all their power to corporations, thus nullifying my social power).

Okay, I’ll concede that if you’re incapable of expressing your political and social needs by any other means, then you may as well do it with a gun. It’s a simple machine, you shouldn’t have any trouble with it. Express yourself by pulling the trigger.

Guns are about as useful as radioactive waste.


That said, I’m not going to rant about it in my .sig. ;-)

And back to code… I had this half-baked idea about ‘objectifying’ the database in one of my projects, so
I’ve been doing some research. Of course, that got me interested in Zope, and Zope.org is “currently experiencing technical difficulties”.


(and whaddaya know… they’re back!)

21 May 2000

They asked me to write about Clusion

Look at all this stuff! I can do so much with what’s out there. Look at all the opportunities this has given me, and yet I can’t really contribute to the hardcore stuff myself. What can I do? What can I give back? I can write about it, and I can build a website – a shrine to all the goodness and brilliance out there. A huge storage house of information and interesting tidbits about all the software and people in the community. How to get the best out of what’s there, and finding the damn stuff – stopping the information overload and bringing a concise, lucid form to understanding FS & OS.


The weirdest thing happened recently: Luke ‘Samba_TNG’ Leighton registered as a documenter on Clusion. Why strange? Clusion hasn’t been released or announced. Even the other guys working on it haven’t registered on the Advogato project!

But on top of that, I’ve been ‘web watching’ lkcl for a while now. In amongst his sometimes left-field posts here, his work on Samba (read the Kernel Cousins!) and his homepage, he comes across as an intriguing character in this crowded little community.

lkcl: We’re doing one of the ‘Things You’d Like to See Happen’ – but sssh! There’s no good hyping something before it’s ready. :-)