27 Apr 2000

Advogato Inter-Navel Gazing

My YYY TLA was appreciated! :) I might have to use that joke in the SLUG talk…

And lo and behold – Never mind the meta-discussion, someone just brought up UHF! Strangely enough, in Australia it was titled The Vidiot from UHF, which is an uncharacteristic dumbing down on our part.


Oooer… Final house inspection this afternoon. Meanwhile I’ve been sleeping in silly places.

I think Mellie might be annoyed with me – we’ve been ultra busy for weeks, not seeing each other. I made a date for this Friday… If you’ve been following my diary, you’ll know I’m doing a presentation then. Aie-aie-aie! Double booking is a spankable offense – especially when the other activities are computer related.


I’m being bugged to put out another irclog2html.pl release, so I’ll have to squish in a few minutes to clean it up at some stage. Just clocked over 400 downloads, which makes me kinda cheery! :)

More DocBook research, and playing with DSSSL a fair bit. Chuck managed to create a DocBook-ized RFC959 by hand. Nutty, yes. Great platform for playing with DSSSL though.

“Hello, this is Jeff Waugh, and I pronounce DSSSL, diesel.”

23 Apr 2000


The house is now thoroughly empty, most off my stuff stored in a warehousey thing, and I’m a wanderin’ hither and thither with my bag of clothes and… cables.

I can’t get to my computer because it’s at the labs, and ChuckD is uncontactable. Argh!

According to him, the storage place was like Half-Life. Strange sounds, catacomb-like hallways, etc. I’ve never played the game, so it looked like the start of Get Smart to me. :)

At one point, the guy who worked there turned a corner a few seconds before us and disappeared. No sound, nothing. Very spooky.


We’re doing a talk for SLUG on Friday night, covering the whole Docbook/DSSSL/SGML/XML/XSL/CSS/YYY (yada yada yada) spiel. If nothing else, it’s pressured research for the project.

Getting all architectural now… Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

21 Apr 2000

Quick diary entry for the purposes of an Advogato comment:

If I edit an old diary entry (before the most recent), why does the most recent entry pop up on the “Recent diary entries” list?

Perhaps an update alert for the old entry would be better, but then, I don’t see either as making sense in the “Recent diary entries” section, nor on the list on the front page.

Just a thought from a new user. :)

21 Apr 2000

Looks like I’m 21 (as of today).

Managed to pull an all-nighter at the CyberCaf√ɬ© the night before last… Another NT machine is about to bite the dust. Sadly, our current ISP doesn’t support EQL, so if I were unreasonably religious about the whole thing I’d be halving our bandwidth. However… cable is coming, and then we can make the swap!

I’m going to ditch RedHat for e-smith when the machine becomes our super-router. The idea of an OpenBSDized e-smith is bouncing around in my head since Chuck has been playing with both…

No idea what I’m going to do about the Netware box. I wish I could just toss it for Samba (it’s serving the files for a mission-critical DOS program) – we’d lose support from the vendor though.

A new irclog2html.pl is on its way… when there’s time. Hopefully a fair few new styles – we’ll get over 400 downloads yet!

21 Apr 2000

Perhaps it’s Easter, but after a whole bunch of NT-related stuff-ups last night, I suddenly had pangs of religious guilt.


Linux: 1, NT: 0

…and suddenly, everything works perfectly, and so, so wonderously better. First things to install: Python, Zope and Xen (outrageously cool software developed HERE in AUSTRALIA!)

Slept for about 15 hours yesterday. Made up for all those hours missed in the last few weeks… :)

15 Apr 2000

Checked out Napster for the first time this morning (3am-ish). Now I know what the fuss is all about – this is worldwide mp3 file-sharing at it’s easiest. I now understand why it strikes fear into the hearts of old-school media types, which by the way, is exactly why I ended up checking it out.

Good one Metallica. No, really. At least this gives me a reason to ban Chuck from playing any of their CD’s.

Cleaned the bathrooms. This place is going to need a platoon of toilet-brush wielding reserves to be ready by Monday. That’s right! I’m moving. Again. Doofus and Bugalugs (named lovingly by Pete) still haven’t moved their piano… Looks like they’re just going to have to work it out with whoever moves in next.

New version of my first little Open Source proggie in the works; irclog2html.pl 1.2 is going to include highlight following for nick-changes, if I can fix the “You” problem. Some IRC clients insist on telling you that “You are now known as jdubagain” instead of “jdub is now known as jdubagain”. Dildoes.